Sand Casting, Investment Casting and Die Casting in China

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Casting Quality Industrial are specialized in production of Metal Castings by Sand Casting, Precision Lost Wax Investment Casting and Die Casting in China.

Different material will be casted by different casting process based on tolernce and design, maybe :
gray iron, ductile iron, malliable iron, carbon steel, stainless steel or alloy .

In there, you can learn much casting information:

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DIN EN 1561-1997 Grey Cast Iron

Grey Iron Specifications DIN聽EN1561. Compare GG serires with EN-JL grades. this material is suitable to sand casting production. Grey Cast iron is a casting alloy, iron and carbon based, the latter element being present mainly in the form of lamellar graphite particles. The properties of grey cast iron depend on the form and distribution of the graphite and the structure of the matrix. The European Standard EN 1561 deals with the classification of grey cast iron in [caption id="attachment_691" align????

BS EN 877 Cast Iron Pipe and Fittings

BS EN877 Cast iron pipes and fittings, their joints and accessories for the evacuation of water from building. Requirements, test methods and quality assurance This European Standard applies to cast iron pipeline components used for the construction of discharge systems for buildings and of drains, normally as gravity systems. The range of nominal sizes extends from DN40 to DN600 inclusive. DN DE 澹佸帤 姝e父 鍏樊 姝e父 鏈灏忓 40 48 +2 -1 3????

ASTM A995/A995M for Castings, Austenitic-Ferritic (Duplex) Stainless Steel

ASTM A995/995M, Standard Specification for Castings, Austenitic-Ferritic (Duplex) Stainless Steel, for Pressure-Containing Parts1 The duplex stainless steels offer a combination of enhanced mechanical properties and corrosion resistance when properly balanced in composition and properly heat treated. Ferrite levels are not specified, but these grades will develop a range of approximately 30 to 60 % ferrite with the balance austenite. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine which grade shall be????

ISO 8062:1994 Castings

Castings -- System of dimensional tolerances and machining allowances Mainly indicate the tolerance of castings, such as sand casting, investment casting, die casting and other casting method. Applies to cast metals and their alloys produced by various casting manufacturing processes. Is applicable both to general tolerances and/or required machining allowances given on a drawing and to individual tolerances and/or required machining allowances which are shown immediately following a specific dimension. T????

DIN 1693 Cast Iron with Nodular

Cast Iron with Nodular Graphite Unalloyed and Low Alloy Grades – DIN 1693 , ductile iron standard

DIN 1691-1985 Flake graphite cast iron (grey cast iron) Properties

DIN 1691-1985 Flake graphite cast iron (grey cast iron) Properties.pdf, cast iron stardand, DIN 1691 has been superceded by DIN EN 1561. Grade GG 25 is now called EN-JL 1040 or EN-GJL-250, The equivalent ASTM standard and grade is A 48 Grade 40B.

ASTM A48 / A48M – 03(2008) Standard Specification for Gray Iron Castings

ASTM A48 / A48M – 03(2008) Standard Specification for Gray Iron Castings, casting material standard.

ASTM A128 Steel Castings, Austenitic manganese

The material in A128 Standard is suitable to sand casting and investment casting method. Standard Specification for Steel Castings, Austenitic Manganese This specification covers Hadfield austenitic manganese steel castings and alloy modifications. The values stated in either inch-pound units or SI units are to be regarded separately as standard. Within the text, the SI units are shown in brackets. The values stated in each system are not exact equivalents; therefore, each system must be used independe????

ISO 3755-91 Cast Carbon Steels

This Standard material is suitable to sand casting and investment casting. ISO 3755:1991 Cast carbon steels for general engineering purposes This International Standard specifies requirements for eight grades of heat-treated cast carbon steels for general engineering purposes. Four of the grades have a restricted Chemical composition to ensure uniform weld-ability. 1.2 In cases where castings are produced by welding together component Parts, this International Standard does not cover the welding process or????

ASTM A217 Steel Castings, Martensitic Stainless and Alloy

Steel casting, sand casting, investment casting standard, ASTM A217 WC1,WC4,WC9,WC5,WC6,WC11,.... Abstract This specification covers steel castings, martensitic stainless steel and alloys steel castings for valves, flanges, fittings, and other pressure-containing parts intended primarily for high-temperature and corrosive service. The grades of steels covered here are: Grade WC1, Grade WC4, Grade WC5, Grade WC6, Grade WC9, Grade WC11, Grade C5, Grade C12, Grade C12A, and Grade CA15. Heat treatment shall consi????

ASTM A27 / A27M – 03 Standard Specification for Steel Castings..

Abstract This specification covers carbon steel castings for general applications. The grades of steels covered here are: Grade N-1, Grade N-2, Grade U-60-30 [415-205], Grade 60-30 [415-205], Grade 65-35 [450-240], Grade 70-36 [485-250] and Grade 70-40 [485-275]. Except for Grades N-1 and U-60-30, all steel castings shall be heat-treated by full annealing, normalizing, normalizing and tempering, or quenching and tempering. Heat treatments shall be performed after castings have been allowed to cool. Heat and ????

Astm A216 Steel Castings, Carbon, …

This specification covers carbon steel castings for valves, flanges, fittings, or other pressure-containing parts for high-temperature service and of quality suitable for assembly with other castings or wrought-steel parts by fusion welding. Covered here are three grades of carbon steel (Grades WCA, WCB, and WCC), the selection of which shall depend on the design and service conditions, mechanical properties, and the high temperature characteristics. Castings shall be heat treated and furnished, as appropriate ????

Astm A536-84(reapproved 1999) Ductile Iron Castings

This specification covers ductile iron castings, also known as spheroidal or nodular iron, that is described as cast iron with the graphite substantially spheroidal in shape and essentially free of other forms of graphite. Appropriate heat treatment shall be identified according to grades, as follows: a full ferritizing anneal for 60-40-18; a quench and temper, or normalize and temper, or isothermal heat treatment for 100-70-03 and 120-90-02; and as-cast for 65-45-12 and 80-55-06. Castings shall be tested and c????

ASTM A351/A351M:standard specification for stainless steel casting

ASTM A351 Standard Specification for Castings, Austenitic, Austenitic-Ferritic (Duplex), for Pressure-Containing Parts1 This specification covers austenitic steel castings for valves, flanges, fittings, and other pressure-containing parts. The steel shall be made by the electric furnace process with or without separate refining such as argon-oxygen decarburization. All castings shall receive heat treatment followed by quench in water or rapid cool by other means as noted. The steel shall conform to both chem????
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Sand Casting, Investment Casting and Die Casting in China