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DIN EN 1561-1997 Grey Cast Iron

Grey Iron Specifications DIN EN1561. Compare GG serires with EN-JL grades. this material is suitable to sand casting production.

Grey Cast iron is a casting alloy, iron and carbon based, the latter element being present mainly in the form of lamellar graphite particles.

The properties of grey cast iron depend on the form and distribution of the graphite and the structure of the matrix.

The European Standard EN 1561 deals with the classification of grey cast iron in

Cast iron valve body

Cast iron valve body

accordance with the mechanical properties of the material, either tensile strength or hardness.

This European Standard EN 1561 does not apply to grey cast iron used for pipes and fittings according to EN877-1

Grey Cast Iron grade as following:

1. EN-GJL-100

2. EN-GJL-150

3. EN-GJL-200

4. EN-GJL-250

5. EN-GJL-300

6. EN-GJL-350


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Sand Casting, Investment Casting and Die Casting in China