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CD4MCu-Duplex Stainless Steel-Casting Material

CD4MCu is a Fe-Cr-Ni-Mo , with greater corrosive resistance than standard 18-8 Cr-Ni and 18-14-2/18-14-3 Cr-Ni-Mo stainless steel parts.

Casting Material Standard: ASTM A890 Grade 1A; Type 25Cr-5Ni-Mo-Cu; UNS J93370; ACI CD4MCu; Z3CNUD26·05M; SS2605

Casting Process: sand casting or precision investment casting

Chemical requirements:

Carbon, max 0.04;
Manganese, max 1.00
Silicon, max 1.00
Phosphorus, max 0.04
Sulfur, max 0.04
Chromium 24.5-26.5
Nichel 4.75-6.0
Molybdenum 1.17-2.25
Coper 2.75-3.25

CD4MCu Duplex Stainless Steel Casting

CD4MCu Duplex Stainless Steel Casting

Tensile Requirements:

Tensile Strength, min100ksi [690Mpa]; Yield strength, min 70Ksi [485Mpa]; Elongation 16%

Heat treatment process: Heat to 1900°F [1040°C] minimum, hold for sufficient time to heat casting uniformly to temperature, quench in water or rapid cool by other means.

Hardness: HB300

CD4MCu is widely used in pump industry, especially in abrasive applications, such as pump casing and pump impeller. And CDM4Cu won’t pit like regular stainless steel, has a better stress/corrosive cracking resistance than standard stainless, and higher strength than standard stainless steel. And compared with regular cast iron material, it is much more resistant to corrosion and much stronger.


  • Corrosion and pitting resistance
  • Better for abrasive applications
  • Higher strength than standard stainless steel
  • Improved ductility and weld-ability

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Sand Casting, Investment Casting and Die Casting in China